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Well my first post!

2008-02-28 21:19:26 by Celtic-games

Well this is my first very own NG post and I just wanted to make one to tell anyone that passes by that my last game (which is more a tool), is the first of its kind. Just click here to play: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

I tell you this because soon there will be more and more of these tools with nicer backgrounds/more tools in it, but I am sure this is the first time a number generator has been posted.
And speaking of this, here is the link to the number/dice generator I was speaking about: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

If you still follow me, remember that: I was (until someone proves me wrong) the first one to post something like that.

And that's all, I will now let your mind (or at least your keyboard) tell me the rest.


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2008-03-09 01:00:18

I loled at Betty's comment (or at its ridiculousness). And if the "somebody else" is me, well thanks in advance for such support. I've creditted you in the author's comments. And I'm going to add the URL to yours right away.

(Updated ) Celtic-games responds:

Yes it is you, now you make me remember I didn't make the post for your game.
It's coming right away! - And thanks for the URL.


2008-03-11 15:11:07

WHOA MY GOD. That was a really weird coincidence. I just reviewed on roll and click, and I look at your profile and I see that my dress-up game is on your favs! XD

Glad you liked it, that was one of my earlier games, really badly drawn when I look back at it XP, but thanks anyways. Oh and btw, I hope there is no hard feelings on my review, I didn't mean to be mean (XP)

(Updated ) Celtic-games responds:

Kind of strange coincidence!
But I can't see your review yet, so pray roll and click doesn't pass XD (no actually pray it gets protected).