2008-03-20 17:18:02 by Celtic-games

I just thought I could make a clarification for my "fans" here on NG.
Speaking of "I", that's the point of this clarification: Celtic Team is made of two or three members, and each of them has a part on the development of Celtic Village and every Celtic Team's releases. It may be programming, drawing, translating...
But on NG, the account is personal and belongs to only me, who is known as |)ereck. Actually I am the only one in the team who speaks English frequently, so the account would only be mine.
But someone named Balvick is the Head of the Celtic Team. Actually, I had the idea of making this team, but I only joined him a year after the release of Celtic Village to translate the game.
There is also a half member, who is the admin (with Balvick). Her goal is to moderate the moderators of the forum, but she also helps our players (Celtic Village is also an online game) when it comes to bugs or things like that.

Anyway, now when you see on Newgrounds the account Celtic-games speaking with "I" but mentioning more than one person in the credits of our games, it's because there is only one account manager.

Now comes our other games: as you can see, Celtic-games has more games than just Celtic Village. The thing is, I, |)ereck, also make flash games with my own time. Since I don't wish to have more accounts than this one, I just normally post the game.
Though there is an exeption: the game "Heroes Mini-games", which has been made by Balvick (he asked me to put it here), and one of his friends who is not in the team.

Well my first post!

2008-02-28 21:19:26 by Celtic-games

Well this is my first very own NG post and I just wanted to make one to tell anyone that passes by that my last game (which is more a tool), is the first of its kind. Just click here to play:

I tell you this because soon there will be more and more of these tools with nicer backgrounds/more tools in it, but I am sure this is the first time a number generator has been posted.
And speaking of this, here is the link to the number/dice generator I was speaking about:

If you still follow me, remember that: I was (until someone proves me wrong) the first one to post something like that.

And that's all, I will now let your mind (or at least your keyboard) tell me the rest.